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ARCHER JORDAN created ARROW Administrative Services, our in-house third party administrator, with one objective in mind. We wanted to create proprietary benefit plans for our highly specialized clientele, prevailing wage contractors and corporations with hourly workforces.

Finding benefit programs to suit the unique needs of corporations with seasonal, part-time, and full-time hourly employees is tough. We make sure your company benefits program serves your ever changing workforce, period.

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Easily Accessible Portal

A user-friendly portal offers easy enrollment, management, and tracking for companies and their employees.

Hour Banking/ Reserve Accounting

Banked hours keep covers for employees’ premiums especially during work stoppage so companies need not overpay.

Payroll Cycle Billing

Customized payroll cycle billing helps prevent missed premium payments and other possible issues that could arise as a result.

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Missed Premium Collection 

Employees not 100% covered by fringe can now pay through other means instead of paying through payroll deductions.

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Participant Services

US-based bilingual customer support specialists promptly attend to issues and inquiries via phone or live chat.

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Health Operations

Our system provides a channel to ensure the seamless and secure transfer of communication and information. 

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Easy access and tracking of daily valuation, coverage and discrimination testing, trust accounting, and more.

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Compliance Services

Regular compliance testing and periodic compliance reporting help avoid penalties and unnecessary expenses.


We bring you within arm’s length of your market.

ARCHER JORDAN partners with producers, wholesale aggregators, and trade associations, creating proprietary benefit programs designed to meet your client's specific needs. It’s simple: we hand you a white-labeled benefits program supported by custom technology tools so you can dominate your market. Have it your way for a change!