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Arrow Contractors Trust 

Government contractors count on ARCHER JORDAN and our ARROW Contractors Trust platform, to simplify the complicated process of developing and administering their prevailing wage benefit programs.

Safeguard your hard earned contracts, and gain the trust of your clients, utilizing our precision-built solutions. Call us today, to schedule a Demo of our industry leading compliance and transparency technology. 

After all, you need to keep your focus where it pays off, running your business.

Arrow Contractors Trust, a program to satisfy Service Contract Act and Davis Bacon Act Compliance - Prevailing Wage Contractors
Workforce Benefits America, a program that provides benefits solutions to hourly and seasonal workforces

precision-built solutions

Workforce Benefits America

At ARCHER JORDAN, our Workforce Benefits America program is focused on precision-built solutions for you and your people. We don't offer pre-packaged programs. We work directly with insurance underwriters to solve the challenges that are unique to each and every client. Remember, healthy employees are happy and productive employees. 

America's Hourly Workforce, Deserves Great Benefits.


hourly workforce

deserves great benefits



Mission-critical logistics support 

ARCHER JORDAN partners with skilled producers across the country, providing "precision-built" benefit platforms that give you the tools you need to consistently close business. If you have what it takes, ARCHER JORDAN has your back.

Our specialized expertise and marketing support will stack the deck in your favor

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A passion for excellence

Many companies tap our services not only to save money and assure compliance with labor laws, but also to guide them towards finding the most encompassing plans possible for their hourly workforces. We continue to dedicate our knowledge and skills to serve government contractors and American corporations that want nothing but the best for their staff. 


Great people, deserve exceptional support

At ARCHER JORDAN, our job is to provide you with great benefits, and to accurately administer those benefits on your behalf. At the end of the day, if you're happy, your employer will be happy with us. So, providing you with an exceptional user experience is our top priority. Period. 

Our employee portal, ARROW HRM 3.0, has a "Suggestion Box", where we'd love to hear feedback on how we can improve your benefits experience. Drop us a note, we'll be sure to get back to you.

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Archer Jordan simplifies
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Promises you can hang your hat on!

At ARCHER JORDAN we long ago tired of the corporate drumbeat. Rather, we are a distinct group of seasoned insurance, finance and technology journeymen and women, that just want to do good work, while putting a smile on our client's faces. We don't have time for fancy excuses, we dedicate our time to crafting better solutions than the ones you have already seen.

Sure, we're a national benefits consulting and brokerage firm, an Employee Benefits General Agency, a Third Party Benefits Administrator, a financial services company, and a bleeding edge technology firm rolled into one identity. But we know better than most, having potential doesn't mean a hill of beans if you don't use it! We solve problems. Our decades of experience in the industry allow us to create highly specialized benefit programs that comply with federal and state laws - all while helping our clients boost their business potential and drive productivity upwards.

Our promise is that we will always give 100% of ourselves, including our best ideas and insights to save our clients money and make their job easier. 

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