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ARROW Contractors Trust

ARCHER JORDAN assists government contractors navigate the complicated process involved in complying with state and federal laws, including the Davis-Bacon and McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Acts. Our consultants have helped countless organizations like yours, reduce expenses while providing their workers with secure benefit programs.

We take care of it all, so companies can continue what they do best - run their business.




Plan Administration

Trust services

HR Technology



Lower cost, more compliant, richer plans

  • Our bonafide fringe benefit health plans are guaranteed - the lowest cost in the industry
  • We design plans for full, part-time and seasonal workers 
  • Our plans meet all the guidelines of the Davis Bacon and Service Contract Act, as well as the Affordable Care Act
  • Healthier, happier and more secure employees translates to increased work productivity




A future without worries

  • Wide range of choices for prevailing wage retirement plans available
  • Options include investment plans, profit sharing plans, pension, and more
  • Packages may be customized to fit employees’ needs
  • Outstanding 24/7 customer support for companies and workers


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Cash in times of need

  • Thousands of dollars in savings from payroll taxes
  • No need to pay additional for workers comp and general liability on increased payroll 
  • More savings means more competitive bids . . . and winning more contarcts
  • Allotted fringe dollars cover employees for unemployment or underemployment


Guaranteed transparency and cost efficiency

  • Integrated fringe benefit record-keeping tool provides contribution transparency
  • Automated benefits management thru Arrow Cloud Systems HRM 3.0
  • Professional staff designated to ensure compliance
  • Easy HR access to information and improved employee management and engagement



Trust services

Guaranteed security and compliance

  • Fortune 500 owned trust bank acts as independent fiduciary, so you don't have to
  • Ensures ERISA, DOL and IRS compliance 
  • Utilizing a trust offsets the benefit liabilities on corporate books
  • Pays all vendors and provides record-keeping and on-demand reporting



Customized HRM

Effective employee management
and engagement

  • User friendly portal to manage plans and enrollment easily
  • No need to hire web manager to keep the system working
  • Customizable management  tool that fits your needs and objectives
  • Simplified ways of monitoring and auditing



Hourly Workforces

Workforce Benefits America

America's Hourly Workforce Deserves Great Employee Benefits

Hourly and seasonal workforces face special challenges that require unique solutions. In order to provide meaningful benefits at affordable costs, while maintaining compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), American corporations rely on us to guide them through the myriad of laws and regulations.


Limited Medical




Critical Illness



Most affordable health coverage

  • Low premiums guaranteed
  • 100% compliant with Affordable Care Act
  • Plans are totally flexible
  • Reduces tax liability and avoids penalty under the law



Limited medical

Just the right amount of protection

  • Pays first dollar coverage
  • Covers doctor visits, lab work, hospitalization, etc.
  • Does not coordinate with other insurance
  • Nationwide network of practitioners


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Protection in times of accident

  • Ideal supplement to any health insurance
  • Pays for out of pocket medical expenses
  • Fixed coverage for emergency, surgery and hospitalization
  • Provides income if employee cannot attend to work due to injury




Protection for off-work injuries

  • Reduces workers comp claims
  • Provides coverage for non-work related injuries
  • Pays employees who are prevented from working due to injury or illness
  • Covers up to six months of unemployment



Life and accidental death and dismemberment

Additional security for beneficiaries

  • Affordable life insurance
  • Pays beneficiaries for death or dismemberment due to accident
  • Benefits claimed on top of other life insurance
  • Can be designed to accommodate workers’ profession




Financial security from life-threatening illnesses 

  • Only 1-in-10 middle-income Americans feel confident in having enough savings to cover family emergencies
  • $20,000 lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of a critical illness
  • Guaranteed‐issue, which means no underwriting questions