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Arrow Contractors Trust 

Prevailing wage contractors rely on ARCHER JORDAN to design bonafide fringe benefit plans to satisfy Service Contract Act and Davis Bacon Act compliance.  Through our Arrow Contractors Trust program, companies have saved hundreds of thousands in payroll and worker comp taxes, general liability insurance, maximized employee benefits, and ensured compliance with state and federal laws. Our many benefits include medical, dental and vision, short-term disability, term life, retirement  and SUB plans.

Arrow Contractors Trust, a program to satisfy Service Contract Act and Davis Bacon Act Compliance - Prevailing Wage Contractors
Workforce Benefits America, a program that provides benefits solutions to hourly and seasonal workforces


Workforce Benefits America

Here at ARCHER JORDAN, we design and administer thoughtfully conceived employee benefit programs for our unique clientele. We understand what employees and employers need, which is why we developed the Workforce Benefits America Program, specialty benefits, custom tailored for you. Our dynamic service model provides our clients with hourly and seasonal workforces, benefit solutions that are affordable and compliant with the myriad of federal and state regulations, including the Affordable Care Act. We believe giving hourly workers the benefits they deserve is a win-win for any company.


Hourly workforce
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The general agency producer's dream

ARCHER JORDAN partners with benefit producers across the country, providing cost efficient packages to give you an edge over your competitors. Our White Label service allows you to build your brand like the big boys do. Our broker marketing program, Bullseye, offers skilled producers unparalleled sales support, beginning with accurate and qualified leads, targeted email marketing, and backing it all up with an individualized CRM system, giving you the tools you need to stay organized and close deals! 

ARCHER JORDAN partners with benefit producers across the country, providing cost efficient packages to give you an edge over your competitors.
ARCHER JORDAN dedicates knowledge and skills to serve government contractors and hourly workforces with an affordable and flexible fringe benefits program


Straightforward client-focused services

Many companies tap our services not only to save money and assure compliance with labor laws, but also to guide them towards finding the most encompassing plans possible for their hourly workforces. We continue to dedicate our knowledge and skills to serve government contractors and American corporations that want nothing but the best for their staff. 


Wholesale Clients

Scratch-made benefits, administered by human touch and smart technology

Third party administrator (TPA) and sister company to ARCHER JORDAN, ARROW Administrative Services delivers proprietary benefit solutions for large hourly workforces, associations, and affinity groups. With the smartest design team in the business, we listen to your problems and build one of a kind benefit solutions to fix them. Our in-house creative team, data management team, and dedicated service team, come together to deliver the best user experience you or your employees have ever enjoyed.

Arrow Administrative Services delivers proprietary benefit solutions for hourly workforces with the smartest technology and data management system

Archer Jordan simplifies
benefits administration
So You Can Focus on Your Business

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Promises you can hang your hat on!

At ARCHER JORDAN we long ago tired of the corporate drumbeat. Rather, we are a distinct group of seasoned insurance, finance and technology journeymen and women, that just want to do good work, while putting a smile on our client's faces. We don't have time for fancy excuses, we dedicate our time to crafting better solutions than the ones you have already seen.

Sure, we're a national benefits consulting and brokerage firm, an Employee Benefits General Agency, a Third Party Benefits Administrator, a financial services company, and a bleeding edge technology firm rolled into one identity. But we know better than most, having potential doesn't mean a hill of beans if you don't use it! We solve problems. Our decades of experience in the industry allow us to create highly specialized benefit programs that comply with federal and state laws - all while helping our clients boost their business potential and drive productivity upwards.

Our promise is that we will always give 100% of ourselves, including our best ideas and insights to save our clients money and make their job easier. 

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