We Serve Government Contractors and Hourly Workforces

. . . with the lowest cost, most compliant, health and retirement plans available


Our Programs

     Health & Pension Plan Advisory, Brokerage            Plan Administration, HR Technology & Discretionary Trustee Services

Our Benefits Program is IRS approved and Department of Labor bonafide. We provide government contractors with compliant medical, retirement,  SUB, and vacation/holiday plans, with trust and administrative services.

General Agents for MEC and MVP Plans: Our Strategies for Large Hourly/Seasonal Workforces are the Lowest Cost Plans Available

Proprietary MEC & MVP plans that save you money and cap future costs, while improving employee engagement, recruiting & retention, plans that      satisfy owners, management, staff and the hourly & seasonal worker.      

A Benefits Platform Designed For The Modern Age


We simplify the benefits process for our clients.


We’ve built our reputation on saving our clients money.


Our extensive menu of products and services give our clients choice.



We keep our clients in lock-step with the federal and state governments.


Our technology solutions are smart, innovative, and efficient.


The ARCHER JORDAN “experience” is responsive and satisfying.

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